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  • Specialist Services

    We are delighted to be able to offer all aspects of Endodontic treatment from simple post removal to complete dismantling of an existing restoration and complex regenerative techniques in immature teeth. The majority of cases can be completed in one or two visits before the patient returns to you for permanent restoration.

    We are very happy to carry out treatment for teeth with hot pulps, long standing chronic infection, sclerosed root canals, complex anatomy and perforation repair. We can accommodate your most nervous patients, those with more complex medical problems and medico-legal cases.

    Treatment is carried out in line with evidence-based guidelines from the British Endodontic Society, European Society of Endodontics and the American Association of Endodontists and you can be confident that your referral therefore meets with GDC recommendations.

    We routinely use an operating microscope as this gives the best illumination and magnification. CBCT is invaluable for diagnosis and treatment planning in Endodontics and we have 3D imaging available at both locations.

    Micro-surgical endodontic techniques have a proven high success rate and can often be used in conjunction with CBCT to manage complex cases where a tooth may otherwise be lost. We are able to provide micro-surgical endodontics on single and multi-rooted teeth.

    Patients will be well looked after throughout the referral process by our dedicated and highly trained staff, you can be assured of the highest standards of care at all times.

    On completion of treatment the patient will be returned to you for definitive restoration with a covering letter and radiograph. Under no circumstances will any patient be accepted for general dental treatment following referral.

    As part of our quality assurance and good practice we regularly review patients after treatment, if at any time a patient that has been referred to us requires a review on a tooth we have treated we are very happy to see them free of charge.

    Non-surgical Endodontics and Re-treatment

    We are very happy to manage any non-surgical endodontics from primary endodontic treatment to complex disassembly and core build-up.

    Micro-surgical Endodontics

    We have bespoke endodontic surgical kits and carry out all procedures using the operating microscope as this has been shown to greatly improve the success rate. Referred patients are seen for consultation before surgery so that we can plan the procedure, take a CBCT scan if required and make sure they are fully informed before treatment. We are happy to treat single or multi-rooted teeth in either the maxilla or mandible.


    In many trauma cases it is important to try and maintain pulp vitality and we can provide Cvek pulpotomy for complicated crown fractures to avoid devitalising immature teeth.

    In necrotic teeth with immature roots regenerative endodontics may be preferential to older-style apexification procedures.

    CBCT is invaluable for trauma cases as resorption and horizontal root fracture can easily be missed with intra-oral radiographs.

    If root treatment is required we have Bioceramic materials available when it would be difficult to achieve an adequate seal with conventional gutta percha.

    The Endodontic Practice

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