Emergency advice for patients under treatment

Although pain and swelling are rare during endodontic treatment we are here to help with any concerns you may have.

If you are a patient currently under treatment at The Endodontic Practice and have a dental emergency relating to the treatment we are carrying out, please call the practice at 01202 735015. If you are calling out of normal surgery hours you will hear an answer machine message directing you to one of our dentists.

Patients not currently under treatment should either phone The Endodontic Practice during opening hours 8.30 am – 5.15 pm or call the local emergency dental service: the247dentist.com.

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I have a toothache

Constant pain indicates that there is something wrong that is unlikely to get better. Painkillers are usually necessary and if you are able to take them, Ibuprofen (or Paracetamol) tablets are usually the best. Be careful not to exceed the maximum dose. Do NOT place any tablets, especially Aspirin, next to the tooth.

I have a swelling

This is usually caused by an infection and treatment or antibiotics may be required. Please contact the practice as soon as possible.

I have knocked out a tooth

The tooth needs to be re-implanted as soon as possible. If you can, place the tooth gently back into the socket, hold it in place and phone the practice immediately. If this is not possible, DO NOT RINSE OR PLACE THE TOOTH IN WATER. Place it in some cold milk and attend the practice immediately. Usually it is possible to re-implant the tooth, although the success rate is lowered if the tooth is out of the mouth for more than an hour.

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Simply complete our online referral form or, if you prefer, download and post your referral to us. Please contact us if you wish to discuss a potential referral by telephone or email.

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