CBCT scanner

The CBCT scanner is extremely useful in endodontics, able to provide highly accurate 3D images to aid our diagnosis and treatment, especially in complex cases. It has transformed the way we can treat our patients, as it is minimally invasive and gives a much clearer understanding of their treatment. It also minimises the risk of any errors during the process, which may have occurred with a less detailed image.

We follow the ESE and AAE guidelines when using the CBCT scanner during treatment, and all our staff have undertaken further training to ensure your safety and quality assurance. The CBCT scanner is our preferred imaging in cases of trauma, resorption and when planning microsurgical endodontics. It is invaluable for trauma cases as resorption and horizontal root fracture can easily be missed with intraoral radiographs.

Microscope dentistry

We use a state-of-the-art microscope to perform accurate, detailed and safe endodontic procedures, achieving incredibly precise results. The microscope enables us to view the tiniest details in your tooth, which may otherwise have been missed.

It provides highly intricate and thorough images, giving you a far enhanced treatment experience and greatly improving the success rate of your results.

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