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    Thermafil removal

    This video is about Thermafil removal.

    Gutta Core obturation

    This video is about Gutta Core obturation.

    Post preparation and fibre post bonding after GuttaCore obturation

    This video is about Post preparation with GuttaCore.

    Wave one Gold Finishing preparation LL6

    Apical tapering with Wave.One GOLD, and enlarging from Primary to Medium.

    Wave One Gold prebending

    Pre-bending Wave One Gold instruments makes it easier to enter coronal orifice.

    Microsurgical endodontics

    Microsurgical treatment of upper incisor, ultrasonic preparation and IRM root end filling.


    Breaking up biofilm using the Endo Activator by Dentsply

    Wave One Gold prep UR7

    Wave one gold makes short work of preparing root canals UR7. Brushing into bulkiest wall of root.

    Waveone Video

    The Endodontic Practice

    Achieving consistently high quality Endodontics