Our Fees

A consultation fee is £75.00.

Fees for root treatment is £925.00 per tooth, and are inclusive of a consultation. The cost of treatment will be reflected by the complexity of each case.

Post removal has a maximum charge of £250.00.

3D CBCT scan from £75.00.

More complex procedures involving restoring teeth, removal of obstructions or surgery will be quoted individually.

Your patient will always be informed of the likely total cost of treatment before commencing, but a general indication for patient information is £925.00 per tooth.

NHS Funded Treatment

We are pleased to be working with NHS England to provide funded specialist endodontic services to NHS patients. Specialist treatments must satisfy NHS guideline criteria and any funding request made by the general dental practitioner. Guidelines and funding request forms (IFR) can be downloaded in Links page.

The Endodontic Practice

Achieving consistently high quality Endodontics